Hinges for Household Appliances

Nuova Star technical catalogue is intended for the manufacturers of household
appliances to enable the design department to select the most appropriate hinge model for the required application.  
In the following pages you'll find a description of the fundamental principles, included the elementary definitions of the hinge and its components, in order to assist the engineers in selecting and ordering the right products for their application.
Nuova Star also considers special projects not covered by the hinges shown in this catalogue.
Generally, products shown in the catalogue can be used without any new required tool, while sometimes,  new tools may be needed to satisfy  Customer requirements.
Please complete and forward the questionnaire which will define hinge characteristics and required functionality. Full and correct completion of the questionnaire will ensure rapid and comprehensive understanding of what is required. 
Important Notice:
The drawings and picture included in this catalogue are our property and can neither be reproduced nor used to produce the parts shown without our authorization.
Nuova Star s.p.a. reserves the right to make all necessary modifications and revisions without previous notification.
The validity of the all drawings and characteristics should therefore be checked before proceeding with new projects.
The elastic torque diagram of the hinge type is intended only to give an idea of the resulting movement of the door, angle can vary.
In the Download area a full catalogue in PDF Acrobat format is available